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Google launched Android 7.0, even though 30% of its users are still on Android 4.4

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Google has officially rolled out the latest version of Android, version 7.0 Nougat. For the most part, it looks great. Among its many additions are a multi-window mode that lets you run two apps onscreen simultaneously, a more polished and capable notification panel, and, naturally, more emojis. It's not a monumental upgrade, but it's a step forward.
The issue, as always, is that very few people are actually going to see it - at least not while it's new.
android market share
According to Google's Android developer dashboards, 15.2% of Android customers were using version 6.0 Marshmallow as of August 1. That's twice as much market share as it had this past May, but still a fairly small amount for an update that's been available for 10 months. Meanwhile, 35.5% of users were on some form of Android 5.0 Lollipop, while 29.2% were on Android 4.4 KitKat, which launched in late 2013.
This fragmentation problem is anything but new for Google, but it's worth reiterating with today's launch: Android is beholden to the device manufacturers that use it, as well as the carriers that service those OEMs' devices. Year after year, very few of those companies are capable of and/or willing to supply their customers with everything their devices could do.
Lately, a chunk of them haven't even committed to rolling out of Google's monthly security updates on time, putting an already iffy piece of software with regard to keeping data secure on even shakier ground.
As hackneyed as it is to say, it has to be noted that iOS doesn't have this problem. According to Apple's developer support page, 87% of iDevice users were on the latest iOS 9 update as of August 15. Another 10% were on 2014's iOS 8 update, while just 3% were on anything before that.
This doesn't mean iOS is "better" than Android. Rather, it's another reminder that Google faces structural, industry-wide issues that Apple has done well to bypass. (Though it's allowed Google to have a much higher global market share.)
Android Nougat does nothing to fix them. Right now, the only way to ensure you get those updates quick is to buy a Nexus device. Even that has its limits, though - Google confirmed on Monday that Nougat's rollout doesn't apply to 2013's Nexus 5 phone or Nexus 7 tablet, a faster cutoff than what Apple's doing with iOS 10.
Beyond that, Google would either have to make some sort of major technical change that allows it to update Android itself, or some sort of major contractual change that puts more pressure on Android-using companies to push updates faster.
Or, as has been rumored, Google could try creating its own iPhone competitor, cutting those third parties off at the knees. (My colleague Kif Leswing has made a case for this before.)
Whatever happens, Nougat is what we've got today. Here's hoping you don't have to wait too long to see it.

Now Get Paid For Using Microsoft's Edge Browser

In an effort to make people switch to Microsoft Edge, the company will now pay you to use the browser, which the company claims can last longer than its Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera counterparts.

Edge can deliver 36-53 per cent more battery life while doing daily tasks, including watching videos on YouTube, browsing internet or checking in with friends on social networks.

Microsoft Rewards, announced earlier this week, is a rebranding of Bing Rewards and so far only available in the US, offers points for using Edge and Bing, as well as shopping at the Microsoft store, CNET.com reported on Friday.

You have to make Bing, a web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft, as your default search engine to earn points in its revamped rewards programme.

Points can be traded in for vouchers or credits to places like Amazon, Starbucks, Skype and the ad-free version of Outlook.com.

"Almost three-quarters of Windows 10 users are not using the Edge browser," the report noted.

Microsoft once dominated the browser game with Internet Explorer, a predecessor to Edge.

Over the last decade, however, Edge has seen a significant decline in usage as alternatives such as Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox have gained popularity and Internet Explorer failed to keep up.

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Microsoft to release two Windows 10 updates in 2017

Microsoft to release two Windows 10 updates in 2017

Technology giant Microsoft has announced that it would roll out two major updates for Windows 10 next year after releasing a third and final update for 2016.
"Windows 10, version 1607 is our third Windows 10 feature update released. Based on feedback from organisations moving to Windows 10, this will be our last feature update for 2016, with two additional feature updates expected in 2017," the company wrote in a blog on Saturday.
According to Windows Central, while the first major update for 2017 -- codenamed Redstone 2 -- would release in the early part of 2017, the second one -- codenamed Redstone 3 -- might be released in 2017 summer.
This update pattern is similar to the one that the Threshold update wave followed.
Much like Threshold 2 was to Threshold 1, Redstone 3 is likely to be a much smaller update compared to Redstone 2.
Microsoft is currently in the middle of Redstone 2 development with the latest internal builds now being compiled around the 14900 range, the report said.

(source: zeenews)