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Apple’s March 21 iPhone launch event: 5 things to expect

Apple has announced that it is hosting an event on March 21, without giving much information on what to expect from it. However, the rumour mill has been active for months about this event and we have a fair idea of what it will be about. The primary theme will be going ‘small’, for both the iPhone and the iPad. But there will be a few other things to look forward to on March 21.

Take a look at the 5 things to expect from Apple’s March 21 launch event...
iPhone SE
The highlight of the event is expected to be iPhone SE, or Special Edition, which is said to feature a 4-inch screen and sport the design of the iPhone 6/6S series. Powering the smartphone is the A9 chipset, the same processor that keeps the iPhone 6S running. Other key features of iPhone SE leaked so far are 8MP camera setup of iPhone 6, support for Apple Pay and Live Photos.
What’s missing? 3D Touch, the biggest feature of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus that lets users interact with apps straight from the homescreen.
A smaller iPad Pro
Another major product that is likely to be unveiled at the event is the smaller iPad Pro, which is said to sport a 9.7-inch display but all the features of a Pro model. This means support for the Apple Pencil Stylus as well as the official keyboard smart cover. Under the hood will be the A9X chipset of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, while on the back will be a 12MP camera with 4K video support.
In terms of size, the upcoming 9.7-inch iPad Pro is said to be identical in size with the iPad Air 2, which also features a 9.7-inch display.
No new Apple Watch
Though it has been close to a year since the first Apple Watch hit the market, the company is not expected to unveil a new version of the smartwatch just yet. However, it may make a few announcements about the WatchOS that powers Apple Watch.
Maybe a few new Apple Watch bands
Instead of launching a new iteration of Apple Watch, the company will probably unveil new luxury bands for the current models. This may include a few new partnerships with luxury goods makers, like the one we saw in 2015 with the tieup with Hermes.
Tough talk on encryption
Since the launch event is scheduled just a day before Apple’s court hearing against the federal government, it is widely expected that CEO Tim Cook would use it as a platform to inform the public about why the company is against unlocking the encrypted iPhone of a San Bernardino attacker.