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Evict A Woman And Her 84 Year Old Disabled Son Of Her Flat In Malasaña A Large Police Presence

Evict a woman and her 84 year old disabled son of her flat in Malasaña
A large police presence has accompanied this morning to the judicial commission in its third attempt to evict Victoria Sanz, a 84 year old woman suffering from terminal cancer, and his son, 54 years with a disability of 41%. Mother and son lived since 1945 in old rental regime in Malasaña floor for 20 months must hire about 5,000 euros, the North Meadow estate. The old woman is admitted to the hospital for a week for heart and respiratory failure, was not present during the eviction, but his son, who sells coupons ONCE Quintana.En in the neighborhood of the other two eviction attempts , on 19 July and 12 September, dozens of supporters of the movement 15-M had come to his support, succeeded in paralyzing. Today, however, lawyers for the family have decided not to summon outrage. ’We knew that this time were instructed to undertake the eviction by force majeure and we wanted to make things worse, because they were going to beat,’ says the lawyer of those affected, Alberto Martin, Asymeco advice. ’Also, while Victoria entered, we were hopeful that the court suspend the eviction. They have not done and I think an absolute outrage.’
Sanz becomes a widow’s pension of 900 euros. When alerted to the eviction was offered to pay what you owe, plus one year’s rent in advance or even change the lease to a new, as reported in the past. His lawyer says he has tried to catch up on payments, but that the developer wants to drive them up the monthly rent is now € 250. In July, the indignant managed to stop the eviction in extremis, who was paralyzed ’for reasons of public order.’ In September, he stopped for ’humanitarian reasons’, as the social Samur, who also went to the eviction, only guaranteed for Victoria and her son three days in a shelter.
For now, Antonio is going to go to live with a friend, says his lawyer. ’The question is what will happen when you leave the hospital Victoria’ was hurt.