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Top 10 free data recovery softwares

Top 10 free data recovery softwares are :

Recuva: RECUVA-Portable   It’s one of the most popular, file-recovery softwares. It is user-friendly and has many advanced features. File recovery is possible from external drives (USB drives, etc.), from hard drives as well as memory cards. It is also possible to recover files from an iPod. Recuva can be used to undelete files in older Windows versions such as NT, 98, ME and 2000. Windows Vista, XP, 7, Server 2008/2003, and the 64-bit, Windows versions are supported. Glary Undelete: gu This has one of the best data recovery interfaces available. It has a very simplistic ‘Folders’ view- somewhat similar to the Windows Explorer viewing style. The ‘state’ indicator tells you what success rate you can expect with any file recovery. The downside to this software is that it will ask you to install a toolbar. With Glary Undelete you can recover files from removable media, hard drives. No more concerns about losing files from USB drives and memory cards. It works with Windows XP, 2000, 2003, 98, 95, Vista, NT and ME. It is possible to recover files from Windows 7 as well… Pandora Recovery:
With its advanced ‘surface scan’ feature, a larger number of files of a popular format can be easily recovered. It undeletes files from programs that are in a popular format. It is necessary to install this software on your hard-drive before you actually use it. This software will undelete files from memory cards, hard drives, etc. It is also possible to connect a compatible PC. It supports for Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista as well as Windows 7 SoftPerfect File Recovery:
This small, 500kb, trouble-free, standalone software is a very portable one. It is very uncomplicated and user-friendly. The recovery procedures bunched with the non-cryptic buttons makes this a very simple program window and no installation is necessary. This software helps you undelete files from memory cards, hard drives etc. Apart from DVD and CD drives, it supports all data storage devices on that are on your PC. Avira UnErase Personal: avira-unerase-personal Once it has been installed, a single click is all that is needed to access all the deleted files on a drive. It can help undelete files from USB drives, hard drives, memory cards and other devices. It is meant to work with Windows 2000 and XP versions only but it also works with Windows Vista. This software has a single-click operation which is a definite plus point. FreeUndelete : free-undelete This tool is different in that it has a ’folder-drill-down’ function. What this means for users is that there is no unmanageable listing of the files that need to be recovered. It undeletes files from memory cards, hard drives and other storage devices that are attached to your PC. It is compatible with all Windows versions- XP, Vista etc. It also works with Windows Vista ADRC Data Recovery Tools: adrc-data-recovery-tools-file-recovery This user friendly software helps in data recovery without any sort of documentation. Since it is a standalone software it can be used with any removable media as well. It is a very uncomplicated program and can be used to undelete files from any memory cards, USB and other devices except CD/DVD ones. Officially, it supports Windows 2000, XP and 95 but it works on Windows Vista as well. CD Recovery Toolbox:
This program is unique in that it can be used for data recovery even from corrupted or damaged files. It cannot recover files from portable media devices or hard drives, but that is not one of its features. It officially supports Windows 2000, 95 and XP but it also works efficiently on Windows Vista. TOKIWA Data Recovery :
This totally uncomplicated, standalone software has only one program window that can be used to scan, sort and undelete files. It can recover files from memory cards, hard drives, USB drives and other such external drives. It supports Windows XP, 95, 98, 2000, 2003, Vista, NT and ME. It also works with Windows Vista. Wise Data Recovery : wise_data_recovery_3_15_165_portable_1507968 This is a very intuitive, well laid out utility and includes a fast search filter. It can undelete files from MP3 players, SB flash drives and memory cards. It is compatible with Windows XP, X64, Vista, Vista 64. It can recover files like word, photo, email and text. There are quite a few more data recovery softwares that you can use to recover your precious data, but these are the best of the lot. As you will notice, most of them are user-friendly and some don’t even need installation. You can decide which one best suits your requirement and download that particular one. Different tools support the various systems such as Windows XP, Vista, ME, NT etc. Since all of them are free of charge, you also have the option to change to a different one that matches your specifications. Some of the software can also be used for recovering data from CD, DVD’s, HD DVD and Bluray and damaged optical drives.