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7 spy gadgets that will blow your mind

What's James Bond without a fancy gadget, a spy without spy tech? Not cool, right?
Spy tech and gadgets have been an integral part of intelligence gathering since long. Many such gadgets have been used during the two world wars for assassinations and covert missions.
With spy cameras and audio bugs being just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of spy gadgets out there. Some of them seen in the movies picked up from real life events. Here is our list of 7 quirky spy gadgets.
Lipstick Pistol
Used during the cold war, this deadly device was used by KGB agents to carry out covert assassinations.
Showcased at the International Spy Museum in Washington, this 4.5mm weapon was disguised as a lipstick and was known as 'The Kiss of Death'. Its existence was first discovered in West Berlin.
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