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Google, we may not need you in future, here’s why!

It's difficult to think of a world without Google today. The search engine has an answer to every question - from the nearest Dominos Pizza store to how to tame that frizzy hair! It has made inroads into our lives so smoothly and swiftly.
With so much of dependence on the search engine, the need for it will only increase with a rise in internet penetration in the developing countries; at least that's what Google would want to believe.
We cannot speak for other countries, but Google, shocking as it may sound to you, India may not need you in future at all. That's because we prefer human brains that work as fast as you do and well, we have got that in plenty! 
Meet India's first Google boy Kautilya. He has an academy of his own, we're not kidding!
At an age when most children are just graduating from alphabets to words, Haryana's Kautilya Pandit could name every galaxy, reel off Australia's GDP and talk about Indonesia's politics. Kurukshetra University found his IQ to be around 130 points against 92-110 of a normal kid. He even left Amitabh Bachhan in awe of him when he appeared on Kaun Banega Crorepati.
Who learns periodic table at the age of 4? Meet Jaitra Sharma, the second Google Boy from Haryana after Kautilya
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