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Top 10 Tech-Jobs For Balancing Life & Work

In today’s world, balancing personal and professional life is very essential. Choosing a job is not only about matching skills and adequate salary, it is something that affects one's whole life and even one's mood. There are some jobs where this balance can be successfully achieved. Let us look into the top 10 tech- jobs where this ideal balance of work and life can be achieved.

Audio Engineer
An audio engineer works on recording, mixing, editing and reinforcement of sound. On specific seasons and when they work on projects is the only time they have to devote time towards their career. The rest of the time, they can sit back and enjoy.
Freelance Web Designing
Freelancing is a new trend that is being adapted by the new generation professionals. Web designing includes many skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. Not being hired by a company for a full time, places the employees in an advantageous position where they can choose and decide their work load and use the left over time as per their own will.
Social Media Manager
A social media manager is the individual who monitors, contributes, filters and measures the social media presence of a brand, product or corporation. They are often found in big organizations and the job profile pays well and it is fun too.
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Talent acquisition is the job of attracting, interviewing and recruiting on- board employees to an organization. A company recruits during vacancies and therefore it gives the talent acquisition specialist a lot of spare time.
Data Scientist
Data scientist is the employee or the business intelligence (BI) consultant who analyzes large chunks of data to help a business attain a competitive edge. The demands of data scientist are high and the job helps one to maintain a perfect work-life balance.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager
Another profession that allows one to strike a perfect balance between professional and personal life is that of a SEO manager. The work of a SEO manager ranges from page redirection, hosting a site, analyzing error pages, URL structures to name a few.
Digital Marketing Manager
With the organizations rapidly embracing digitalization, the job of the digital marketing manager is in high demand. It includes managing the digital or online elements and integrating it with the offline ones. Strategic setting of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and ensuring that the market plan is well coordinated, aligned, and meeting business objectives.
User Experience (UX) Designer
It is the job that enhances and analyzes user satisfaction by improving accessibility, usability and looks into the various aspects of a product or service catering to the requirements of the customers.
Risk Analyst
A risk analyst identifies and analyzes the areas of potential threats pertaining to assets like future cash flow stream, variance of stock returns, statistical analysis to foresee the success and failure of a project and the future economic growth of an organization.
Software Developer
The job profile of a software developer deals with researching, designing, implementing and testing software. The job pays well and allows one to enjoy a lot of spare time.