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7 Best Apps to carry on your USB stick

The world is not a perfect place. Ever so often, one has to work on someone’s computer which is lacking in some small irritating way compared to yours. You are craving for what you’re used to, yet don’t want to change anything on the machine.
We tell you the best portable apps to carry around in your USB stick and use at work, school or any other place. These small executables are self-sufficient  and don’t modify anything on the computer, making them extremely handy in a number of situations.
1. VLC Media Player – Multi-format Media Player
The world’s favorite all-format media player is the most obvious inclusion. You’ll no longer curse the computer for not having the codecs to run your video file, or rather any video file. Simple and powerful : a must have!
2. Foxit PDF Reader – PDF file Viewer
The stupid machine doesn’t open .pdf files? No qualms, just use this lightweight reader. In fact, we recommend this over Adobe Reader for day-to-day use. Unlike the former, it doesn’t take ages to load and is especially great for computers low on resources.Foxit Reader Portable

3. Miranda IM – Chat Client
Compact and portable instant messaging for GTalk, Facebook, Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ, IRC and more!Miranda IM Portable

4. Google Chrome Portable - Web Browser
Arguably the fastest browser today, it can often save you the option of working on Internet Explorer (oh, the horrors!!) on a surprisingly large number of computers.Google Chrome Portable
5. 7zip – File Archiver and Extractor
Quickly extract .zip, .rar, and .7z with this tiny freeware.
6. Everything - Superfast Search Tool
Use this little-known tool to search the computer for anything blazing fast. Takes half a minute on first launch to scan the entire disk, but then spurts out search results amazingly fast. Supports matching options and regular expressions.
7. Tools from NirSoft - Password Recovery
Check out NirSoft’s utilities. You never know when you might need one on a remote computer. ‘Nuff said.