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Top 10 Best Android Games of All Time

ndroid phones have become very popular in this generation. After iPhone, Android phones are the most widely used phones. These phones offer one of the best gaming experiences to gaming addicts.

Top 10 Best Android Games of All Time are:

1. Temple Run: This is the most famous game in the iPhone and Android Stores. The users were frantically awaiting its launch in the Google Play Store. However, the launch version was filled with bugs and users were extremely disappointed. Still, the game is a huge hit and gamers are waiting for a bug-free version to be launched.

Download Temple Run
2. Angry Birds Space: Angry Birds Space is the newest version of the Angry Birds series. The concept of the game remains the same, but the introduction of the concept of gravity adds a new twist to the game and gives it a fresh look. That’s the big reason that the game has crossed over ten million download in just a few days after the launch.

Download Angry Birds Space
3. Draw Something: In this game, you have to draw an image and then send it to an online opponent who will then guess what the image is about. It is like playing Pictionary. Draw Something is the most popular social drawing and guessing related game that can be enjoyed online.

Download Draw Something
4. Node.Hack: It is a strategy game where the player has to slide around in a grid and hack nodes to earn cash and to keep himself safe from enemy AI without getting caught. It induces fear and panic in the gamer. The Game costs a dollar but worth purchasing.

Download Node.Hack
5. Heist: The Score: It is a first person shooter game where guns are blazing from start to finish. It is a little too short for a game, but it is still the best shooting game in the Google Play Store. This is an amazing action shooter game with amazing 3D Graphics. The Game costs a dollar but worth purchasing.

Download Heist : The Score
6. C.H.A.O.S.: With a weird combination of touch and tilt controls, this game might be a little difficult to play. However, the fighting and attacking of enemy camps is a good spur to compel you to conquer this game.

Download C.H.A.O.S
7. Dungeon Village: It is a strategy game, where you are the mayor of a village who has to make his village popular and attract people who are willing to help slay the monsters outside the village.

Download Dungeon Village
8. Asphalt 6 : Adrenaline : Most thrilling and racing related game. Race online and enjoy with your friends The Game has over 42 card and bikes, beautiful graphics, and much more. The Game costs 1$ on the Google Play Store.

Download Asphalt 6 : Adrenaline
9. Tank Hero: Laser Wars: It is a game with 60 levels throughout which you have to navigate yourself and destroy enemy tanks. Enjoy the decent 3D Graphics with the split screen deathmatch mode specially for tablet users.

Download Tank Hero: Laser Wars
10. Quell Reflect: You have to swipe a drop of water and make it reach the exit with the help of the things around you. A zen puzzler game with over 80+ levels to enjoy from.

Download Quell Reflect
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