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Smartphone Airbag! No more cracks and damages!”

No more drop tests required. iPhone users can relax now. Amazon has patented an airbag system to protect your smartphone and prevent damage on fall. Smart-phones in future might come with an airbag, similar to the one that’s used in cars today.
Motion sensors are used to detect when a phone is dropped and the airbag is then deployed before your Smartphone comes in contact with the ground. The on-board sensors determine the direction of the phone and the jet streams changes the orientation of the phone for minimal impact.
Though the patent had many alternative methods to protect the phone, it did not mention what happens after the airbags are deployed. In cars once the airbags are deployed, they have to be replaced by new ones which would be costlier if used on smart phones. There is no idea on what happens if the impact is not with ground, what happens if we throw the phone onto a bed? The airbag deploying after sensing motion might not be the best mechanism and in case of replaceable airbags, it would become costlier.
The phone might even turn out a bit heavy and bulky. It is still unclear how Amazon would make use of the patent. Hope so Amazon would come up with something that’s affordable, and effective.