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Rebirth of the Yahoo mail in its new Avatar

Miniaturization and compatibility is the trend of all technological development. With the online revolution sweeping the length and breadth of this planet, technology providers are harnessing all their energy in providing the best possible service to their clients. It seems that Yahoo, Google and Microsoft have launched a combined blow towards that effort. It also aims for making android the common platform for delivering these services. It also faintly aims at dislodging Apple with its exclusive services. As far as Yahoo is concerned it relaunched the Yahoo mail in its new avatar. Online activity has increased with a phenomenal pace with the escalating number of mobile devices. Hand held devices helped the internet to spread its wings across the length and breadth of the developing world. This will eventually help the masses to get closer to the latest happenings and also keep themselves remain connected.
Installation of physical infrastructure takes a lot of time and effort on the part of the administration. It sometimes also leads to legal wrangles. In order to avoid all these and with the help of the most minimum infrastructure, wireless technology has revolutionized the life of a large number of commoners. Hand held smart devices have revolutionized the method of communication. Short messaging services and web email services are getting increasingly popular. In order to remain competitive in this tough market, Yahoo Inc has launched its own version of email, particularly for tablets and smart phones. Yahoo mail in its revamped version is a smarter breed with much less additional features. It is basically designed for providing a smarter performance with the increased number of hand held devices.
With the increasing level of education and awareness about the latest technological trend, consumers are always attracted to products with fewer distractions. They simply want to login and communicate and this makes Yahoo web email a dream comes true to those frustrated users. Everyone has understood that consumer is the king of decision making and this is best reflected with less use and declining market share. As far as the comScore data is concerned, Yahoo has placed itself comfortably in the first position in the US. However it is at the third position in the rest of the world. Latest available data suggests that young users prefer to communicate with text messages rather than with email. It is also partly due to inherent obstacles of enjoying the use of email.
In order to arrest this trend of declining revenue and bring back the younger customers, Yahoo was somewhat forced to revamp its web email services. In its new version, it offers simplicity with the most minimal number of add-ons. If the rumors going around in Silicon Valley are taken into account, then the new Yahoo chief is considered as web savvy. After taking over, her aim is to create a coherent mobile strategy.
As an author, Amitava has followed the development and the nature of change on the web technology front. He is particularly interested in the changing customer trend towards simplicity, as far as web email services are concerned. For more one may visit his blog Misture.