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Step by step guide on jailbreaking iOS 6.0.1

Millions of customers today are beloved users of iOS although a large number of them also find the walled garden by Apple much more constricting. Thankfully for them, iOS jail breaking is all they need to enjoy their devices to the fullest and below are informative guidelines on how to jailbreak your lovely iOS 6.0.1.
Get your device updated to iOS 6.0.1
Just in case your device is not already using iOS 6.0.1, you should update your device first. In case it is already jailbroken, you can connect to iTunes easily and follow the instructions given. If you are not jailbroken but on iOS 6.0.1, perform an OTA-over the air via the software update option of your gadget.
Download Redsn0w
You need to download and install Redsn0w for both Windows and Mac OS X from online resources. iOS 6.0.1 is not officially supported by the current Redsn0w version so you need to have an iOS 6.0.1 copy with you to assist in your iOS jail breaking. Jail breaking instructions are easy and very straight forward. After opening redsn0w, just select Extras and choose IPSAW. After you are prompted, select IPSW file which you have located. Then, select proper build and return to redsn0w main screen. The next thing is simply to ‘jailbreak’ your device. From this point, instructions on redsn0w are easy to follow and just ensure that your gadget is well connected and then follow along. First you will be asked to enter the DFU mode. Do these by holding as you release home buttons and power at certain times.
Download Redsn0w from: http://www.iphonehacks.com/download-redsn0w
Cydia installation
Contrally to the previous iOS 6.0.1 version, Cydia will now get installed automatically by redsn0w and after the process has been complete, iOS jail breaking store will be there waiting for you. In case the Cydia icon cannot be seen, follow the instructions given here below in ‘booting’ section.
The jailbreak in this case is a tethered one implying that when rebooting, you are required to make a reconnection to redsn0w.
Moving forward
Users of the recently released A5 and A6 iOS devices might take sometime before being able to jailbreak their gadgets. Being a beta release, you can rest assured that it is completely stable and you can start enjoying your device with no limitations.
Benefits of iOS jail breaking
Owning a device that is jailbroken comes with many benefits starting with enjoying great freedom free App store. iOS jail breaking allows you to practically install any application you would wish to have in your hardware either from first or third parties. The capability of a jailbroken device is also broadened and deepened at the same time. This way, you can enjoy storing extra apps in the dock. Next, you also enjoy extreme personalization of your gadget. It makes your gadget a truly unique one and none like the rest of them out there. And the best thing with iOS jail breaking is that it is not just legal but also easily reversible as well.