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Microsoft Planning a Phone

Microsoft recently released its new smartphone OS that is available with major phone makers Nokia, HTC and Samsung among others. But Microsoft is now also planning a backup in case its approach to roll out software with its current handset makers falters. Though it is maintaining the stand that its current strategy will succeed on all counts, rumors have emerged that MS is ready to take the bull by its horns and charge down the smartphone market with its own hardware if things don’t work out as planned.
Microsoft has always been a step behind the curve in the smartphone and tablet PC market with the latter segment coming under serious concern that partners HP and Dell had not been able to device hardware capable of giving the iPad a run for its money. Microsoft doesn’t have such concerns as of now in its smartphone division. But considering MS is currently playing second fiddle to iOS and the Android giant with BlackBerry announcing that its new phone on its final testing stages, Microsoft is going to get even stiffer competition now.
With all this in mind CEO Steve Ballmer highlighted the prospect of Microsoft building more hardware in his annual letter to shareholders last month. Ballmer has also continued to decline to rule out the company making a phone of its own.
From a neutral stand, or even a biased one, it is going to be really interesting if at some point Microsoft does unveil a new phone and if it will be able to stand tall to the iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy handsets.