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Top 5 Things to Check Before Choosing Your Online Cloud Storage

Online cloud storage is the latest development in the list of storage options for individuals and corporate firms. Online cloud storage offers profitability in terms of cost of storage, data security, ease of access and many more. However, with the increase in demand for cloud storage, many players have entered the market with some offering good while some offering average services and charging people accordingly.
Here under is a list of top 5 things to check before choosing your online cloud storage solution so that you know beforehand the services offered and the amount charged for them.
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Online Cloud Storage Features

There are many companies offering cloud storage services in the market and each one out there is offering different services and charging accordingly. Therefore, before finalizing the services of a particular company it will be good to enquire about the various services offered by all such companies, their features like file sharing, folder sharing, custom link sharing, their price and their reputation for after sales service.

Storage Space Provided in the Service

Storage space of data is a complicated issue and changes from time to time. Individuals often require very small space for their data as they are mainly photographs, some music albums and memories but companies of different sizes require varied amounts of space for their data according to their operations.
Keeping this in mind, online cloud storage companies offer diverse storage plans to customers starting from 1 GB and going on to unlimited and charge them according to the space offered. Since you have to pay according to the space and services desired, you should compare with other online cloud storage companies the services and plans for storage and choose the most affordable.

Flexible and Ease of Accessibility

As technology is evolving everyday so is the ease of use and accessibility. Technology today can be accessed from various points and at various levels. These days mobile and computer accessibility has become very common and is provided by all service providers. Before choosing the service check if the provider is offering you web access, mobile applications and desktop applications for these are not only vital but a must for you.

Protection and Security

As much it is important that every data on your system has a backup, equally it is important that the data is well protected and stored appropriately. Business data is very sensitive and some are very delicate and need to be guarded with highest level of security. At the time of choosing the online cloud storage enquire about the kind of security that each is offering for your data both for theft as well as against carious kinds of viruses that threaten loss of data.

Help and Support System

No matter how friendly and easy is the technology on the offer, every technology and service requires a well established help and support system that can help the user from small problems occurring on day to day basis. Further many problems require technological support from trained and dedicated staff of the service provider. Therefore, when choosing for your online cloud storage service provider just dwell deep into the kind of help and support system organized by him and then take your stand.