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Android Beats iPhone in US

If you are to believe leading marketing tracking firm, comScore, Google’s Android has beaten Apple’s iPhone and is inching closer to the Blackberry to become the most sought-after smart phone in the United States!
comScore also confirmed 63.2 Americans were priviledged to own a smartphone, the numbers rising from the previous year by about 60%.
Research in Motion, the Blackberry manufacturer still occupied the top position with a market share of 31.6 percent at the end of December. But the alarming factor for Blackberry is that its share fell from 37.3 percent in the previous quarter, as reported by comScore.

Google’s Android came a close second with 28.7 percent of the share at the end of the fourth quarter.So its all cheers for Android with its market share shooting up from 21.4% in the last quarter.
Apple finished third, having its hold on 25% of the market, a slight increase from 24.3% at September end, comScore said. Microsoft has hold over 8.7 percent of the smartphone market in the US, which was down from 9.9 % in the last quarter. Hewlett-Packard’s palm’s marketshare in smartphones slipped from 4.2% to 3.7%.
So don’t be surprised if Android goes past Blackberry in the near future!