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Trick to open blocked websites

There are many Google Chrome Extensions to browse anonymously without being blocked from any website at either your school or work place. One such extension is Proxy SwtichySharp. Follow these simple steps and surf through the Internet breaching your firewall.
Before installing the extension, you will have to install Tor on you PC. Check out our previous post : How to Access Blocked Sites using Tor
Installing Proxy SwitchySharp
Go to Chrome web store and search for the Proxy SwitchySharp extension.

Click on the ADD TO CHROME button. Once done, a confirmation dialog box appears. Click on Add.

You have successfully added the extension to Google Chrome.
After installation, you need to configure your network proxy settings.
Configuring Proxy SwitchySharp
Set the Profile Name as Tor and Enter and 9050 next to SOCKS Host and Port respectively.
Check the SOCKS v4 radio button.
Make sure that Tor is running on your PC.

Your setting should look similar to the one shown in the image below.

Click on Save and then choose the TOR profile.

Blocked website before using Proxy SwtichySharp:

Unblocked website after using Proxy SwtichySharp: