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Top 10 Free Online Virus scanners

Top 10 free Online Virus Scanners are :

  • VirusTotal : VirusTotal is quite famous among downloaders and regular downloaders always do an online scanning before downloading a file from somewhere . Here you can either check the file by uploading or by URL . In Virustotal, there are more than 30 antivirus companies that participate in VirusTotal with their antivirus engines.

  • ESET Online Scanner : I have been using ESET Antvirus on my laptop and never had a virus problem in the last two year. So, I will be advising you guys to have a look at the ESET Online Virus Scanner . If you are mozilla firefox or any other browser  user other than Internet Explorer, then you’ll have to install a file/plugin and then run it . I tested it on Internet Explorer and it was working way cool .

  • BitDefender Online Scanner : BitDefender Online Scanners offers you a browser extension in Mozilla and Chrome. And scanning through both the extensions works way cooler than you might have thought of  . I have tested both the extensions and best thing about them is that they run simultaneously with your PC’s antivirus and you don’t have to uninstall that software.

  • McAfee Online Virus Scanner : McAfee Online Virus is another online virus scanning tool which works quite neatly for users,but right now it not available for Windows 7 .

  • Symantec Security Check : This is for all Norton Antivirus fans, which love using that antivirus even after its validity has expired. You can use this for checking some stuff on your computer . This too doesn’t work with Windows 7 .

  • Avast Online Scanner : This is for all Avast lovers,who love to use Avast antivirus. Although never been a fan of offline version ,this seems cool as you can individually scan an infected item given that it is less than 16 mb .

  • COMODO Online Scanner : Comodo AV Scanner is a free service that lets you quickly find out whether your computer is infected with viruses and spyware. The scanner requires the installation of a small browser plug-in.

  • Kaspersky Online Virus Scanner : This used to be a great tool for online virus scanning but now it has been disabled by Kaspersky as they are working on it to give you guys a better online scanner .

Hopefully ,this might help you solving your virus problems .