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No more Uninor in West Bengal after Jan 18, 2013!

Telecom operator Uninor, stated on Monday that it is going to stop its services in West Bengal and Kolkata circles starting Jan 19, 2013. Uninor was one of the operators whose license was cancelled in February by the Supreme Court.
Uninor stated the following :
“The Supreme Court had quashed Uninor’s licences through its order on February 2, 2012. With no new 1,800 Mhz spectrum auctions being indicated by the authorities and 900 Mhz spectrum also likely not be available to auction winners in 2013, the company will have to stop its operations in the two circles of Kolkata and West Bengal on January 19, 2013″
“The company will issue a public notice to all its customers in Kolkata and West Bengal requesting them to exhaust their balance by January 18, 2013, and utilise mobile number portability to port out to any other operator of choice”
Uninor’s services however would continue the operations in Mumbai circle as Telenor Group(which holds a majority stake in Uninor) stated,
” (Telenor) evaluates the possibility of participating in the second auction for spectrum in Mumbai indicated by the Indian authorities”
The company has a subscriber base of about 5.6 million in the two circles.The company now focuses to conduct the closure process with full transparency and responsibility.
They company said that they would help the employees relocate from West Bengal and Kolkata circles to other circles and also provide assistance in securing employment outside the company. After January 18, assets and business of Uninor will be transferred to a new entity ‘Telewings Communications’, in which Norwegian firm Telenor has 74 per cent stake.
If you have any friends who are going to be affected by this, do let them know ASAP.