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How to download free ebooks

If you are in college or in school or even if your kids are in school/college you might need lots of books to satisfy your intellectual needs . But, its not possible and feasible to buy each and every book online or offline . Sometimes ,its even not needed as you will most probably get the same knowledge from else freely. So, today we creating a top 5 list of websites from where you can download ebooks freely online.
Top 5 ebook downloading sites are:
1 .Scribd.com : The ultimate place to find any presentation/pdf . Here, you can lots of literature about everything you need . It  also sometimes termed as Youtube for ebooks as you will find almost everything shared there sometimes even copyrighted materials too .
2. Project Gutenberg : Project Gutenberg is the first and largest single collection of free electronic books, or eBooks. Michael Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg, invented eBooks in 1971 and continues to inspire the creation of eBooks and related technologies today. Project Gutenberg currently have more than 33,000 ebooks in their site.These are the books that out of copyright and available for anyone to use for any purpose.
3. SlideShare : SlideShare is the best way to share your presentations with the world. You will very good amount presentations from this site about almost any topic. Let your ideas reach a broad audience. Share publicly or privately. Add audio to create a webinar.
4. Bookyards :Bookyards has a total of 17,009 books, 32,963 Ebook links and access to hundreds of online libraries (800,000 Ebooks) for your reading pleasure.

5. OnlineComputerBooks : OnlineComputerBooks.com contains details about , free ebooks, free programming books, free online books and sample chapters related to Information and Communication Technology, Computer Science, Internet, Engineering, Business, Marketing, Maths, Electronics, Physics and Science which are provided by publishers or authors on their websites legally and free of charge.
Hopefully , you will like our ebook collection . There’s lot more websites which offer free ebook download. If you download from some other place, please let me know .