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Top 5 Cydia apps of 2012 to Empower your iOS Devices

1.SB Settings
It is one of most attention-grabbing applications in Cydia. It allows you to access the fundamental phone utilities like allowing or putting out of action the data network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, your IP number and plenty of customizable switches.
Prior to iOS 5, the SB had a Settings menu itself. With the help of this new technique of notifications on the iPhone operating system, you can possibly assimilate the application in a straight line in the center of notifications and can access it from anyplace on the device.
Moreover, you can hit upon custom switches and compatibles with SB Settings within Cydia to additional applications and purposes of your smartphone. The application also provides with a far-reaching library of covers, the entire in high definition and well-matched with the retina display.
It is by and large installed with SB Settings, nevertheless you can also spot it, on the App Store Cydia with no difficulty. It provides innovative ways to run programs or functions.
With Activator you can virtually use any gesture likely to tailor the application implementation e.g. you can program a device to open the browser when you quiver your iPhone.
Moreover, you can replace the function of the “Home” button for a different device, like making a phone call, also you can activate the camera of the device through the volume knob.
3. iFile
This application allows you to manage files on your iPhone. It provides you to completely access the total file configuration of the smartphone. You can also copy documents, items, unswervingly broadcast the Wi-Fi network, locate and deal with applications similar to the desktop.
It also facilitates you to preview a large number of documents such as DOC, PDF, audio files, text and image. You can compress items and directly import music into the library phone. You can send files like attachments in emails, copy and move files to a Dropbox account and also swap over files with other devices by means of Bluetooth.
iFile has both paid and free versions, in order to completely access all the functions you require to pay for a software license. The cost of this Cydia app is $ 4 on the App store.
iPicMyContacts allows you to have a photo of your contacts in your list within the iPhone effortlessly. The application does not require to choose the images one at a time, for the reason that we do not have a picture of all the people of our list of items. The application also provides three individual alternatives.
ipicmycontacts cydia
a) Look for the pictures on Facebook from friends
b) Search directly on Facebook by the name of the person
c) Search for images directly to Google.
5. KillBackground
iOS allows you to run manifold applications concurrently. On the other hand, until the device actually wants the resources used by these applications, they linger open in the system memory.
kill background cydia app
In order to permanently shut the program, you have got to press the button two times “Home” and access the taskbar. After that you have to shut one application at a time, which is monotonous and time consuming.
By using KillBackground, you can close all programs at the same time, freeing system resources and thus your smartphone performs faster.
That doesn’t mean there are any less quality apps available in the iTunes tore. For example, there are some quality Google reader clients available for iPad. Gaming freaks would love to check out some high quality 3D games for iOS devices. Some of them are free while others are paid, but they are worth every penny.